Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Guidelines and Requests

Planning to Attend:

Anyone planning on going on an Aquaholics trip is asked to call the Trip Coordinator (TC). This does two things:

  1. Offers opportunity for the TC to answer questions you have on this paddle (difficulty, ideal kayak size, special instructions, ramp fees, etc.,and  perhaps even resturants to visit afterward.

  2. The TC then has a list of names of those planning to attend, and should you be late, can try to contact to see if you are still coming or broke down; as well as, should the paddle need to be cancelled due to weather, water conditions, or aliens landing in their spaceships, etc. you can be contacted.


Trip Coordinator Responsibilities

Listed on another page, click Link above to go there.


All Paddlers

  • Members and non-members alike, need to sign our liability release prior to each trip.

  • Non-members are limited to two trips, we hope to see you become members after that!

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult on the paddle.

Launch Time/Shuttle Time

  • Unless otherwise stated, the launch time (or shuttle time if a shuttle is required) is promptly at 9 am.

  • Please arrive early enough before 9am to allow yourself time to get unloaded and organized to enjoy a fun day on the water!

All Paddlers must have:

  • PFD (Personal Floatation Device)

  • Whistle

  • Drinking water

  • Light (for night paddles)

It is Recommended to have:

  • First Aid Kit

  • Emergency kit (light, space blanket, etc.)

  • Food

  • Spare paddle

  • Pump

  • Paddle Float

  • Hat & Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Spare change of clothing

  • Rain Gear (To keep dry in rain or warm in emergency)

  • EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION  (click here to see various methods of carrying this information)

  • Rope to tie kayak off to something when parked along the shore (20') or to each other as a tow rope.

  • Small shovel/spade tool to bury body solids.

  • On waterways that are overgrown or potential treefall - small hand saw or prunners/lopers

When on Open water (Gulf, Atlantic, or other large body of water):

  • Ocean or Gulf trips should be made in longer kayaks (approx. 14 ft. or more).

  • Closed cockpits with spray skirts are also strongly recommended for safety.

  • Sit-on-tops are welcome but plan to be wet

Be SAFE & Have FUN !!!