Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Future Paddles


Our members have asked that when you send me your write-up for the paddle that you please, when possible include as many of the following items as you know.


    :Is there a parking or launch fee if so how much or about how much.

    :Are there toilets at the launch or take-out or do they need to seek facilities before arriving

     at the launch area.

    :Please rate your paddle as Hard  - Medium - or Easy

    :Is the paddle downstream  -  upstream - both.  

    :Is there a shuttle.

    :Some members would like the option of going out to eat after a paddle.

This is always optional and the tc is not obligated to choose the place and does not have to participate.  Just mention the option so members may plan to bring money to pay for the meal.  Members who wish to eat can decide where, on or after the paddle.

Our Aquaholics trip this Saturday, June 1,will be on Juniper Creek.  This is an easy 7 mile downstream paddle for most, although long kayaks may have difficulty in the narrow twisty turns.  We will meet before 8:30 am at Juniper Park on Hwy40 (gates open at 8 am), and shuttle to takeout on Hwy19.  $10.70 entry fee: shuttle necessary; toilets available; bring lunch or snacks (but no disposables); swimwear suggested; should takeout by 1 pm.
T/C is Terry Sechler, 503-510-8045, call or text.
Have a safe & happy Memorial Day !



If you wish to go on any of these paddles, please remember to call the trip coordinator to let them know you plan on going.  Make sure you leave your name and phone number.  If there is a need to call you, the TC will be able to reach you.