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Ochlockonee State Park

Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival

February 24-26

Beverly, John & Joy and Janie & I visited this event, camping over the weekend.  Unfortunately we had rain on Friday and Sunday and Saturday was just as windy, cold & damp feeling - so we did not get on the water.  Here are some pictures of what we saw; wildlife: including a genetic mutation - white Grey Squirrels (not albinos), Red Cockaded woodpeckers and their nest trees, waterfowl and deer; some sunrises; the flatwoods; scrub oaks; and a bunch of people showing how they make arrow points, knifes, fish hooks, tanning leather, and their wares.   A very interesting Teardrop camper -  that Mischel & his wife Mishelle showed us.  And how to dry your firewood when it gets wet...  Mark
Low-bush Blueberry flowers
See the Hole in the tree???
The hole was filled with this view
One of these guys nearly fell in our camper
The top vent was open a bit and there were some acorns on it
So knocked the screen out but was able to escape
Neat little stove
Trying to stay warm while creating a arrowhead
Tanning Hides
Red Cockaded Woodpecker - Endangered Species
White banded trees are Red Cockaded Woodpecker nest trees
Natural RCW nest - takes 5 years to complete
RCW insert - provides future homes without a 5 year wait
Door is 5.5' high
The top rises and notice that part is glass, nearly 8' ceiling
Rear and see the solar panels on top?
Janie says my cooking has too much FIBER
Landscape - 5 pics stitched together