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Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Rainbow River 
August 31, 2012  
Full Moon
Every now and then there are two full moons in one month.  When this happens the second one is called a blue moon.  The reason for this is it only happens once in a blue moon.  We launched from KP hole on the Rainbow river about 8pm.  JJ Hansen was the tc for today.  The sun was out and the sky was clear.  It didn't take long for everything to change.  It became dark and we were watching for the moon.  Suddenly we spotted it on the right side of the river as we paddled for the head springs.  It was big and bright but it didn't look blue.  It was so beautiful as always.  We reached the head springs and crossed the ropes and into the swimming area.  We sat and gazed at the sky for a while.  We began our return to KP Hole where our trip ended once we loaded our boats.  It was a perfect evening for a moonlight paddle.  Hope to see you on the river soon ...Sandie