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Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Waccasassa & Wekiva Rivers

August 11, 2012
Today's Trip started early.  So early that when I started out it was still dark.  The air was still the sky was clear with a big bright moon shinning.  Today Phyllis Clark was our tc.  We gathered at the 326 boat ramp in Gulf Hammock in Levy County.  We launched on time at 8 am  and traveled down rivers that I had never been on before.  The natural beauty of old Florida was at every turn of the river.  The gnats were pretty bad so we all had to spray ourselves with our bug spray.  We came upon an old stone wall out in the middle on nowhere.  It reminded me that life in Florida went on long before any of us were born.  I thought of how hard someone had worked to build that wall maybe to keep their animals confined.  At each path of the river we came to a dead end where the river was completely blocked by trees.  Each time we turned back to seek out a new trail for our boats.  We returned to the 326 boat ramp and loaded our boats.  We went on our way with out gathering at a place for all of us to eat.  The reason was there was no place to eat near by.  We all departed indifferent directions and out trip was at it's end.  It was a nice river and I wish you all could have seen it with us.  Maybe next time.  Hope to see you on the river soon...  Sandie