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Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Santa Fe River Paddle
Saturday August 4, 2012 

Today we paddled down the Santa Fe River.  Our TC for today was Phyllis Clark.

We unloaded our boats at River Rise.  The shuttle took place and then we were on our way.  The water was high and the current took us down it's path.  We saw so many turtle today out sun bathing.  I don't ever remember seeing this many turtles on one river.  We stopped at many of the springs along the way to rest, eat and play.  Some of the members had water guns and had a water battle.  Some members took a swim.  We saw a lot of damage on the river today left over from the storms in recent weeks.  We went to Poe springs and saw Naked Ed.  He was there as usual on his platform but his house was washed away by the river flooding.  We took our time paddling down the river today enjoying just being outside.  

We ended our trip at Santa Fe River Park.   As we were finishing loading our boats the heavy rain arrived.  We went to eat at a place most of us had not been to before.  The Conestoga Supply House.  It was a cozy little place with great food.  I'd like to return there some time.  We returned to the launch area and unloaded and reloaded some of the boats. 

We welcome all members to come out and paddle with us soon.  You really are missing out on life if you just stay inside.  There is no time like right now to live your life...  Sandie