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Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Cedar Key 

June 2, 2012
Just as I expected June 2nd was to be another fun filled day.  We had 10 paddlers show up for what was to be a 2 to 4 island trip.  Don Papp and Fred Groschopp were the tc's for the day.  Our launch took place from a sandy beach at 9am.  We made our way over to the first of four landings.  We rested there for a while.  We continued over the the second stop.  We had another rest and some snacks.  Some of us took a hike up to see an old cemeteryfrom the 1800's.  Four paddlers continued over to the third island known as Seahorse Key.  This island was still closed to the public.  They had hoped to get out into the shallow water near the island but the water was to deep there to stand.  They decided to return to island number 2 instead of going on to the fourth stop.  They rejoined the group and enjoyed the warm water there.  We saw several dolphins at play but they were to fast for me to snap a picture.  After enjoying the water and each other we returned to the sandy beach where our trip began.  Some of us went home and some went for a refreshing drink.  I really thank everyone who turned out for this club paddle.  I hope to see everyone on the water soon...Sandie
1st 49 pictures from Sandie, following 29 pictures from Dawn.  Do YOU have some to share??