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Moonlight Paddle on the Rainbow River

The sky was clear and the air was warm.  We arrived at KP Hole as planned. We had a large group of paddlers tonight.  We launched at 8pm on time.  We all came out to see the Super Moon.  It is the largest moon of the year as it is closer to the earth tonight than it will be the rest of the year.  As we headed toward the head springs the sun set on the west side of the river.  It wasn't long before the moon came above the treeline to the east.  It did look big and golden.  The light from the moon put a soft glow on the water.  We reached the head springs and just sat a while to enjoy the view of the sky.  I heard a large splash but it was one of the paddlers decided to take a dip.  I decided to remain in my boat as I wasn't able to see what was down in the water.  We listened to the frogs singing out of tune out in the darkness.  We returned to KP Hole loaded our boats and left for home.  I couldn't imagine a better evening to be outside than this one was.   Thanks again to Don Papp who was the tc for this trip one the Rainbow River...Sandie