Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Rainbow River


         Ten enthusiastic paddlers ventured out on this cold February morning.  Our trip began at the Blue Run boat ramp on 484 in Dunnellon.  JJ Hansen was our tc today.

         The new ramp had been completed and opened to the public just one week.  The transit from the parking lot to the water had improved 100%.

         JJ took the lead as we began to navigate the Rainbow River.  The plan was to pass KP hole and take a short brake at Bev's private beach and boat ramp.  From there we were to continue up to the head springs where the Rainbow River begins.

         The water current seemed stronger than usual to me.  The wind had a cold bite.  The extra layers of clothes seemed to restrict my movement.  Along the way the beauty of the flowers and wildlife reminded me of why I was out there.

         We made our way to Bev's private beach and boat ramp and rested a while as planned.  The plan to continue to the head springs was now abandoned and we headed back.

         After loading our boats we decided to get a bite to eat at the Blue Gator.  All tables are outside year round.

The meal was as delightful as ever.  The outside heaters were not warming us at all.  As we ate we were aware of the rapid drop in temperature and the wind became more frigged to me by the minute.  We ended our trip with a quick retreat to our automobiles for shelter from the wind.

         As I reflect on the day I know it was another unique one.  One that was shared by only ten.  Yes ten unique individuals who got up and stepped out to enjoy this day.  To those ten I want to say thank you so much for another wonderful day.

        Please come out and enjoy nature and all it's splender real soon...Sandie