Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

Santa Fe

Feb 4, 2012

As the sun gleamed through the trees I was assured this would be another spectacular Florida day.  We unloaded our boats at the us 27 launch ramp.  Some paddlers stacked their's.  After the shuttle was completed we began our trip.
    Wayne Tyo was the TC of this trip.  He mentioned that this was to be a leisurely paddle and so it was.  We meandered the nooks and crannies along the river.  The water was tranquil and sparkling.  Steve and Ellen we able to identify many of the birds we saw at the rivers edge.  We visited the springs along the way and had a short visit with Naked Ed.  Ellen #1 paddled hard to get up to where she could take a look at Ed for her first viewing.  We all enjoyed the conversation and laughter.  Some paddlers had set rules that some topics were not to be spoken of on the weekends.  When the rule was broken we all had a good laugh.  We all know laughter is great medicine.  I had a full does. We had a nice stop at Rum Island where we were able to take a bathroom break.  Our trip ended almost 6 hours from the start at the sr 47 take out ramp.
   We caravaned over to the Great Outdoors Restaurant & Spring House where we continued to converse, laugh and at plenty.  This was another fun trip.  I wish that all of our members were here to share the good times.