Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

The Aquaholics will be paddling the beautiful Juniper Creek this Saturday, October 21.  The Forest Service was blasting out logjams all last week, and the creek is now open after Irma.  Because it has "Wilderness" designation, chainsaws are not allowed, but dynamite is.  Rules are rules.
We will meet before 9am at Juniper Park on Hwy40, and shuttle to takeout on Hwy19.  This is a fun and easy downstream paddle.  Park entry is $5/person plus tax.  No disposable items allowed: cans, bottles, napkins, ziplocks, etc.  Toilets available; bring lunch or snacks; should takeout about 1:30pm.  T/C is Terry Sechler, 503-510-8045.

Our Aquaholics monthly meeting is this Wednesday, October 18, 7pm, at the sheriff station on Hwy441 south and 80th Ave.  We will plan future trips then.  Please attend if you can.
Also, those from the western parts of the county who plan to attend the Juniper trip should consider using Hwy200 instead of Hwy40.  There was a massive traffic jam on 40 last Saturday because of the hurricane DSNAP program (8,000 people) at the main sheriff office.  Watch the news on when to avoid Hwy40.

Wednesday, Oct.18: Monthly meeting.
Saturday, Oct.21: Juniper Creek; T/C is Terry Sechler, 503-510-8045.