Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

    Our members have asked that when you send me your write-up for the paddle that you tc please when possible include as many of the following items as you know. 
    :Is there a parking or launch fee if so how much or about how much.
    :Are there toilets at the launch or take-out or do they need to seek facilities           before arriving at the launch area.
    :Please rate your paddle as Hard  - Medium - or Easy
    :Is the paddle downstream  -  upstream - both.  
    :Is there a shuttle.
    :Some members would like the option of going out to eat after a paddle.  This is always optional and the tc is not obligated to choose the place and does not have to participate.  Just mention the option so members may plan to bring money to pay for the meal.  Members who wish to eat can decide where, on or after the paddle. 


If you wish to go on any of these paddles please remember to call the trip coordinator to let

them know you plan on going.  Make sure you leave your name and phone number.  If there is a

need to call you the TC will be able to reach you. 


                            We need you help for this club to continue in 2019 

Hi everyone, 

   We have 53 members this year.   We paddle almost every Saturday year round.  We are not a meet-up group but we are incorporated.  This mean we have bylaws that we must follow to continue from year to year. We must have officers to serve our group at our monthly meetings in order to continue for the following year.  I'm asking one last time for members to step up and serve as an officer for just one year.   All of our current officers have served over and over and are now stepping down. If you wish to see the club continue for 2019 we must elect officers on December 19th 2018 at our last meeting of the year.  Our current officers are willing to train you for your position.  All offices are easy to learn and take little of your time each month.  Available offices are President,  Vice President,                         Secretary ( We do have someone who is willing to serve for this position), Treasurer , Membership chairperson,  Webmaster.  Thats 6 positions can't you please help fill one.  The meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday evening each month at 7pm at the police sub-station on Se 80 st. and 441 in Ocala, Florida. . We also could use someone to maintain our facebook page but it is not an elected position.  Its easy to do.  As of December 31st the current officers leave office and January 1st the new officers take over if we have them.  If the club folds up the current website will stay as is until October 4th of 2019 because its paid up till then.  You will still be able to use the launch site directions till them.  Future trips will no longer be posted on the website.  Future trips will no longer be posted on the our facebook page after December and it will no longer take posts.  After that date the website will go down and you will not be able to find the Mcaquaholics paddlers Group Incorporated.  It really is up to our members as to what happens on December 19th.  If your willing to run for an office please call me  Sandie Ballard 352-304-8315.  If I don't answer you can always leave me a message with your name and phone number and I will be glad to call you back.  Please Help
                                            Christmas Party December 19th 6:30
  Sadly our Christmas Party at Mimi's Café didn't work out but we will still have a Christmas party.  It will be a pot luck bring your favorite dish party at our December 19th monthly meeting.  Please let me know what you plan to bring so I can let others know not to duplicate.  We will still have our Chinese gift exchange.  If you bring a gift valued at about "$10. " and gender neutral you will get a gift.  Please no dollar store junk.  Please call me Sandie at 352-304-8315 if no answer please leave a message with your name and number and I will return your call.

                                Ichetucknee River December 15th.

The Aquaholics will be paddling the scenic Ichetucknee River this Saturday, Dec.15. Directions are on our website (about 70miles north of Ocala). The more experienced paddlers will meet at the South exit (takeout) before 9am, at the last road on the right off Hwy27 before crossing the river bridge. They will go upstream 3.5 miles (substantial current) and meet the downstream group at the kayak launch. The downstream group should enter the North park entrance at 10:30amand meet at the kayak launch. We will all meet up and eat lunch at the beautiful Springs at the North park. The upstream group will shuttle the downstream group back to their vehicles (about 1pm takeout).
Fees are $6 per vehicle (2 to 8 persons) or $4 (individual) at envelope stations. Gainesville Saturday forecast is 46 low, 63 high, 20% rain, partly sunny. Ichetucknee similar, after a wet Friday.
T/C is Terry Sechler, 503-510-8045 (call or text).