Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

    Our members have asked that when you send me your write-up for the paddle that you tc please when possible include as many of the following items as you know. 
    :Is there a parking or launch fee if so how much or about how much.
    :Are there toilets at the launch or take-out or do they need to seek facilities           before arriving at the launch area.
    :Please rate your paddle as Hard  - Medium - or Easy
    :Is the paddle downstream  -  upstream - both.  
    :Is there a shuttle.
    :Some members would like the option of going out to eat after a paddle.  This is always optional and the tc is not obligated to choose the place and does not have to participate.  Just mention the option so members may plan to bring money to pay for the meal.  Members who wish to eat can decide where, on or after the paddle. 


If you wish to go on any of these paddles please remember to call the trip coordinator to let

them know you plan on going.  Make sure you leave your name and phone number.  If there is a

need to call you the TC will be able to reach you. 

           Christmas Party

2018 Christmas Party will be December 7th at 7 pm at Mimi's Café on state rd 200 in Ocala for those who have contacted me before our November 21st meeting.  We will have our Chinese Gift exchange again this year.  Bring a gift if you wish to be included.  The gift should be about $10 and be gender neutral.

At our meeting the members decided that we should give the members who have not yet responded a chance to join us for our Christmas Party on December 7th at 7 pm at Mimi's Café on state road 200 in Ocala.  If you wish to come please send the president an e-mail .  Please include your name and let me know if you will be bringing a guest.  The club will be paying for members meals which include a salad and soft drinks.  Alcoholic beverages will not be included.  The choices for the meal will be a #1 Salmon meal , #2 the Pot Roast meal and #3 the Chicken Cheese mac.  I need a head count for each meal choice by our next monthly meeting on November 21st.  There will also be an optional Chinese gift exchange.  If you would like to play the game the gift that you bring should be around $10. and gender neutral.
1.  Grilled Atlantic Salmon.  Served with potatoes and broccoli
2.  French Pot Roast simmered with carrots, mushrooms and pearl onions.  Served with red wine shallot sauce over mashed potatoes.
3.  Chicken Cheddar Mac. Pulled chicken in a rich cheddar sauce with crumbled bacon, penne pasta and parmesan crust. 

         October 19,20 & 21  Suwannee River 

Trip Coordinator Marty Stewart 352-650-8564 

We are doing Suwannee River and the meeting place is
"Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort and Campground.
828 N.E. Primrose Rd, Mayo Fl. 32066
My plan is to have people arrive on Friday afternoon-early evening.
Have dinner at Grandma Susie's Cookin' Shack and later
 have social at my Cabin that night.Making the plans for Saturday and
Sunday. Right now we will go up to Lafayette Blue Springs State Park.
Saturday & going down stream back to camp site. I'm thing on Sunday to do a
up stream paddle from camp site for a few hours and head home in the afternoon. They have a great bike trail  and hope we have people bring their bikes
"Suwanne River Rendezvous campground"   for location  
Marty 352-650-8564

October 19, 20, 21. Suwannee River. TC Marty Stewart 352-650-8564
October 27th. Citrus Blue Springs. TC JJ Hansen 352-533-0077
November 3rd Rainbow River. TC Terry Sechler 503-510-8045
November 10. Bear Creek . TC Terry Sechler 503-510-8045
November 17th Goldendale. TC Chris Spontak 352-694-5986